Granny Circle Cushion - completed in the nick of time!

I have been crafting hard here in The Craft Attic this week to complete my granny circle cushion and I am pleased to say it is finished and I am a really happy bunny!  Thank you again Lollipoptreelane for a fantastic tutorial.

I added 12 small beige buttons to complete my crochet cushion

So this cushion joins a granny square cushion on my sofa, I think they will be the best of friends and spend the rest of their lives joined by good friends and wine! 

I am now feeling the need to make another so off to source some yummy wool in some brighter colours to make a couple for my kitchen, I have a lovely wooden bench in desperate need of some soft squidgy cushions for relaxing with tea and biscuits!

Inspired Granny Circle Cushion

Searching on the www for my next project The Craft Attic came accross this lovely blog by Lollipoptreelane  with a post called Hooky How-To :: Granny Circle Cushion.  So off I went to source a round cushion, which I purchased from Dunelm Mill and choosing wool in brown, beige and cream to match my home I have set out on a mission to start and finish a cusion this week before friends come round for dinner on saturday night - challenge The Craft Attic!
So Far I have produced one side, will update you later this week on my WIP!

Crochet Granny Square Slippers

So this weekend in The Craft Attic I decided to have a go at The Purl Bee tutorial for Granny Square Slippers,  the slippers are so cute and the tutorial is really well written and easy to follow with lovely diagrams.  Thank you The Purl Bee I am over the moon with my slippers!

My First Granny Square Cushion

I really wanted to make some granny squares and make something so I decided to make a granny square cushion and use up some of my stash! So this is what I did: I measured my cushion which was 15" x 15" and worked out the size and how many granny squares I needed to make.  I decided as I was using chunky wool I wanted bigger squares so I got busy making12 basic granny squares (6 for each side) using scrummy chunky wool, in pink, lime, turquoise which I trimmed in navy blue.

I laid the squares out and was trying to decide how to connect them together and after some trials and errors decided to double crochet them together, which produced a lovely raised stitch.

I then completed the panel by adding two rounds of crochet so the panel was the right size for my cushion.  I then double crocheted the two panels together - wrong sides together, so I got a really nice finish. Ta-da

Lady Seville Marmalade

Tis the season for the lovely Seville Oranges and yummy maramalde, so I set off to make Mr K and I a batch, thought I would make a few extras for friends and family!!  So ta da lovely marmalade for the cupboard and I will deliver the rest this weekend, feeling very pleased with myself...Mr K then anounces he would quiet like some LIME marmalade...mmmm me thinks Mr K is a little cheeky!

Check out my jam jars with the cutest spotty lids in blue and red, you can buy them from in both 1lb (16oz) and 7oz, they look fantastic and bring a smile to my heart!

New Year, More Crafting

So it's 2011 and I have made a news years resolution that I must blog and craft more!  So I wish everyone out there a colourful 2011 filled with fantastic craftyness!

Lets get started, I have decided this year that I will really try hard and teach myself crochet, something which does not come naturally to a knitter!!  There are some fantastic blogs which are truely inspirational with excellent tutorials so have been trying out a few granny sqaures for starters and very pleased with the results.