Granny Circle Cushion - completed in the nick of time!

I have been crafting hard here in The Craft Attic this week to complete my granny circle cushion and I am pleased to say it is finished and I am a really happy bunny!  Thank you again Lollipoptreelane for a fantastic tutorial.

I added 12 small beige buttons to complete my crochet cushion

So this cushion joins a granny square cushion on my sofa, I think they will be the best of friends and spend the rest of their lives joined by good friends and wine! 

I am now feeling the need to make another so off to source some yummy wool in some brighter colours to make a couple for my kitchen, I have a lovely wooden bench in desperate need of some soft squidgy cushions for relaxing with tea and biscuits!


  1. Making a round granny cushion is on my list since ages. Your cushion just reminded me of it. I loved the color combo. Did you make separate spaces for the buttons or just slip the buttons through the stitches?

  2. Beautiful.....Thank You for the link. ax.

  3. Hello I'm Hilda I've just pass this picture if your cushion and when I seen this cushion I love it very much but I just want to ask you a favor if you can tell me the recipe if how you do your cushion I love to make very much I hope you can tell me how u do it or the link that's if alright with you I be appreciate it and I hope get answer from you as soon as you can thank you very much.