My First Granny Square Cushion

I really wanted to make some granny squares and make something so I decided to make a granny square cushion and use up some of my stash! So this is what I did: I measured my cushion which was 15" x 15" and worked out the size and how many granny squares I needed to make.  I decided as I was using chunky wool I wanted bigger squares so I got busy making12 basic granny squares (6 for each side) using scrummy chunky wool, in pink, lime, turquoise which I trimmed in navy blue.

I laid the squares out and was trying to decide how to connect them together and after some trials and errors decided to double crochet them together, which produced a lovely raised stitch.

I then completed the panel by adding two rounds of crochet so the panel was the right size for my cushion.  I then double crocheted the two panels together - wrong sides together, so I got a really nice finish. Ta-da


  1. I know that "first granny cushion" feel! I started my first granny square cushion last year in Feb and completed in around May!

    Your cushion is very neat & lovely.

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