New Project - Crochet Birthday Blanket

For my cousins birthday I am making her a crochet granny square blanket, it is a special birthday after all - Jenny will be 30 and I know she loves crafting so I thought she would like a handmade blanket to keep her warm and snugly.

I picked some lovely autumy colours for this blanket as I know these are her favourite colours. I have maroon, cream, green and grey, and have decided to edge them all in lovely chocolate brown! So I have been busy making a few squares, I need to make 144 in total so need to get my skates on!!

I have decided the blanket will be 12 squares x 12 squares (plenty big enough for snuggles) and then I would like to finishing it off with some sort of edging which I not decided on yet! This is the biggest project I have ever worked on as I normally like little projects which I can finish quickly so I do not get too bored!!  So must stay focused and dive into granny square production!!


  1. It looks lovely, you can't beat a blanket as a gift, no matter what age you are, everybody loves to snuggle down and its a gift that will be treasured forever. Looking forward to watching it grow. xx

  2. Your blanket will make a lovely keepsake. Colours are lovely.