Crochet Cushion Progress, Slow but Progress!

I keep picking this project up and putting it down (I think I good at multi-tasking working on many projects at the same time but actually it takes so long to get anything finished!!)  I have so many beautiful  crochet projects on the go - what is a girl to do??  I have crocheted the squares together for one side of my cushion.  Note to self: Try finishing one project at a time - it might just work!

I thought I would crochet a different design for the other side of my cushion, using a different colour for row - all lovely and colourful to brighten up my kitchen bench!  All that is left to do now is crochet the two together and then decide on which buttons to use!!

Hopefully I will get this finished some time soon!!
I have a busy weekend this weekend and unfortunately there is just no room for crafting :-(

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  1. fab cushion I just love how bright and colourful it is