Granny Square Crochet Hot Water Bottle Cover

I have been working hard to get this finished and although I am pleased with the results, I really wish I had used some brighter colours as I not really a big fan of pink!!
I made this by making 14 granny squares, I decided to crochet 8 together first (2 x 4) and then crocheted 4 together (2 x 2) so I could make a flap at the back and used 4 little pink buttons to close it so I can get the water bottle in and out to wash the cover.  I left the top open so I can fill with hot water without removing the cover.

So I have added a little granny chic to my bedroom, on to my next project, Mmmm I wonder more granny squares maybe!


  1. I love this!!! Beautiful colors :) I'm gonna get started on mine! Great job <3

  2. Great make ;-) I think I will have to make one as a gift for my Mum as I love the pattern xxx Is it OK to sell finished items made from you patterns/ideas? Thanks xxx